Community Survey Findings

Cabarrus County remains a place where folks want to live, work and build a family, and residents are largely content with County programs and services, according to the 2020 Community Survey Findings Report presented at the May 3, 2021 Board of Commissioners agenda work session.

The survey is administered every other year by ETC Institute, and measures such items as satisfaction with County services, perception, customer service and funding. The results are generated from a variety of department-specific questions about such services as the County’s library system, elections, active living and parks, revaluation and more.

Cabarrus County rated above the national average in all 21 comparison areas and rated 18% above the national average in the overall quality of County services and as a place to live.

Areas in which the County rated at least 20% higher than the national average are:

  • Local preparedness for public safety and emergency situations
  • Sheriff's Office
  • As a place to work
  • Access to public transportation/bus service
  • As a place to raise children
  • As a place to retire

According to the survey, 92% of respondents were either very satisfied or satisfied with Cabarrus County as a place to raise children, while 87% said the same for the quality of life in Cabarrus. 

For the first time, ETC Institute examined resident perceptions of government administration and overall satisfaction with access and opportunity. The survey also measured the importance residents placed on various aspects of living in Cabarrus County and the level of satisfaction with each area. 

The analysis identified the top priorities for improvement as growth management, availability of affordable housing options for all residents, open space preservation and crime prevention.

ETC Institute distributed the survey to a random sample of 1,200 households in the spring and received 420 responses. The overall survey results have a margin of error of at least +/-4.8 percent, with a 95% level of confidence.

Other survey highlights include:

General perceptions:

The County rated significantly above the national average in these customer service areas:

  • Accuracy of information and assistance given by County employees
  • How easy the County was to contact
  • How quickly County staff responded to residents
  • How well an issue was handled by County employees

Resident satisfaction (very satisfied or satisfied) with items that influence perceptions of government administration:

  • Quality of County services offered to residents (77%; national average is 59%)
  • Local collaboration and community partnership (65%; national average is not measured)
  • Value for County tax dollars/user fees (62%; national average: 44%)
  • Efforts by County government to inform about local issues/decisions (62%; national average is 51%)
  • Leadership provided by County administrators (59%; national average is not measured)
  • Leadership provided by County elected officials (57%; national average is 44%)
  • County's level of financial/budgetary transparency (54%; national average is not measured)
  • Level of public involvement in local decision making (49%; national average is 38%)

County issues: Among 19 County issues rated, the most important to residents are growth management (42%), crime prevention (40%), open space preservation (22%), availability of housing for people in different income categories (21%) and protecting water quality and the environment (21%).

County programs and services: Among County services rated by residents, the percentage of those with very positive or positive overall impressions of various programs and services were: elections (82%), Register of Deeds (81%), Cabarrus Arena & Events Center (81%), public libraries (80%), Active Living & Parks (80%), waste reduction services (78%), senior services (73%), animal control services (69%), Human (Social) Services (68%), flood damage prevention services (65%), veterans services (62%) and the 2020 revaluation process (49%).

Economic development services: County residents rated they were very satisfied or satisfied with economic development services at the following levels: overall impression (66%), support for growth of local business (66%), efforts to promote economic development (65%), quality of economic development happening locally (63%), and recruitment of new companies and jobs (63%).

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