Turn Yard Waste into Garden Gold

It’s almost spring and thoughts are starting to turn to gardening and getting our hands into the earth. But how friendly is your soil to plants?

Cabarrus County residents can learn how to turn yard and kitchen wastes into valuable lawn and garden nutrients at a free backyard composting class.

Presented by the Cabarrus County’s Waste Reduction division, participants will learn how to enrich clay with compost to build healthier soil and how to compost responsibly.

“Compost is a wonderful natural fertilizer,” said Pete Pasterz, Cabarrus County waste reduction coordinator. “It helps retain moisture and has also shown to reduce the number of weeds in a garden.”

“About one-third of household trash is compostable and if land filled, this organic waste causes methane to form, which is a more potent than carbon dioxide as a climate-warming gas,” said Pasterz.

The free class for Cabarrus residents is Thursday, March 17 from 6-8 pm, or Saturday, March 19 from 2-4 pm. All participants will take home a wire compost bin and composting guide. There will be refreshments and door prizes.

Space is limited. To reserve a spot call Pete Pasterz at 704-920-3280 or email recycle@cabarruscounty.us.