Libraries’ New Online Tools Provide 24-hour Access to Research and Learning

With the New Year upon us the Cabarrus County Public Library is not sparing any time as they work to undergo many computer system upgrades to improve the library experience for Cabarrus County residents and make more library resources available online. The library system’s scope of computer improvements include: an enhanced online library catalog, a new online continuing education system and a powerful online foreign language-learning system.
“These online learning and search tools are helping to provide library resources 24/7 and makes the library accessible even when the physical locations are closed,” notes Dana Eure, director of the Cabarrus County Public Library System.

Enhanced Online Library Catalog

Beginning Monday, library patrons of all four branches of the Cabarrus County Public Library will be able to access a new online catalog with numerous enhanced features such as, genre browsing and predictive results. These search tools allow patrons to search for a book on a particular topic and at the same time, the computer will suggest other types of library materials on the same topic. Other features include user reviews and RSS feeds to selected media which may be helpful for students that need a current event item on a related topic. The new online catalog can be accessed from designated computers at each library and from any computer via the Cabarrus County Public Library homepage at

Online Continuing Education

An online learning experience called Universal Class allows library card holders access to free continuing education classes. Patrons can choose from a growing catalog of more than 540 professional development, recreational or academic courses such as, computer instruction, GED, medical terminology, or knitting. Users register for up to five courses at a time and have six months to complete the coursework. Assignments are graded by certified instructors. Feedback and discussions with other students and instructors is conducted via email or online chat. Continuing Education Units are available for selected courses. For information or to register for an online class, please visit the website Universal Class at or library

Online Foreign Language-Learning

A powerful new language-learning system called Byki® Online Library Edition, designed specifically for use by patrons of public libraries. Byki, short for “Before You Know It,” is a rapid learning method that takes users through a series of simple steps to memorize words and phrases in a new language, including their meanings and proper pronunciation, in the shortest possible time. Available for learning more than 70 languages, library patrons are able to access the Byki Online system from computers inside or outside of the library, via the web browser on Windows and Mac computers. Details on Byki Online can be found at