Frank Liske Park to Temporarily Close Pond for Dam Repair

The pond at Frank Liske Park will be drained beginning May 2 in order to repair the dam. Tree roots are compromising the structural integrity of the pond’s dam, which was built around 1940. In order to repair the dam, the 10-acre pond will be drained.

This dam repair originally was to occur last December. However, the wait for a state-issued storm-water permit and the search for a suitable pumping system created a 5-month delay.

Beginning May 2, the pond at Frank Liske Park will be closed for several months. There is no spring feeding water to the pond, so the pond will have to refill gradually with rain water. The pond will be restocked with fish once water levels regain an appropriate level, which may take one year.

Once pond draining begins in May, fish will be transplanted to the ponds at Camp T.N. Spencer Park. Currently, there is an estimated 1,000 pounds of fish in the pond at Frank Liske Park.