Cabarrus EMS Wins Again

Just two weeks after the Cabarrus EMS team of Mark Kirk and Jeff Penninger came away victorious at the NC Office of EMS Paramedic Competition as state champions, another Cabarrus EMS team claims a victory.

 The team of Esther Adkins and Will Cannon emerged victorious in “The Carolina’s Paramedic Competition” in Cumberland County.  The event pitted teams in competition from NC and SC in two scenarios with combined scores to declare the winner.  A total of twelve teams competed with Cabarrus County receiving top honors. 

 This is the first time a team from Cabarrus competed in this event.  The first scenario involved teams managing a realistic, fiery plane crash with fifty patients while the second scenario involved a structure collapse at a hospital with multiple patients.

 Cabarrus teams have consistently demonstrated success in competition over the years.  This level of excellence is what the Cabarrus EMS paramedics strive to bring to the citizens of the County each day.

 Esther Adkins currently serves as an EMS Field Training Officer and Will Cannon currently serves as an EMS Crew Chief and Army Medic.

Contact David Hampton or Alan Thompson at 704/920-2601 or 704/920-2606 for additional information.