Cabarrus County tax notices hitting mailboxes soon

Cabarrus County will mail the 2012 property tax bills for real estate, personal and business property by August 1. The payment due date is September 1, 2012 for all real and personal property taxes.

There is a three-month grace period to pay these taxes without penalty. All taxes must be paid in full before the delinquent date of January 8, 2013 to avoid penalties and interest charges.  Property with overdue taxes from previous years is subject to foreclosure.

For those property owners who do not have an escrow for real estate taxes, convenient monthly payment plans are available to reduce the burden of making a lump sum payment. The monthly payment plan is not available for motor vehicle tax. For more information about property taxes or setting up a payment schedule, contact the Cabarrus County Tax Collector’s Office at 704-920-2119.