Cabarrus County DSS Child Support Division exceeds federal incentive goals

The Cabarrus County Department of Social Services Child Support Division continues its goal to help improve the quality of life for citizens in the community by helping collect more than $9.5 million in child support last year on behalf of families and their children who rely on these payments for basic needs. These collections exceeded the division’s federal incentive goal by more than $200,000. In addition, the Child Support Division headed by Angela Talley surpassed federal incentive goals in paternity establishment, child support collection percentage and arrears collections.

“Our Child Support Division has worked hard to achieve such great levels of performance,” said Ben Rose, Director. The division also works closely with the Cabarrus County Legal Department, Sheriff’s office and the courts to collect support from parents.

The federal government establishes five incentive goals the division is measured on throughout the year. These goals track the performance of the agency’s ability to collect child support from absent parents. It is also tied to funding, as well as performance for the division. Out of the five goals, the division exceeded four. The division fell short of the goal related to the number of cases under court order by two percentage points.

Child support is a requirement of any parent who does not live with their child or children (the non-custodial parent). They are required to financially support their children by providing monthly payments established under a court order. Most payments are withheld from paychecks.

Parents are also required to provide health insurance for their children if achievable. Talley said both child support and health insurance helps reduce dependence on the division’s services such as Medicaid, food stamps and Work First.  This program holds the parent responsible to provide for their children as required by federal law.

Cabarrus County Child Support Division has many tools available to help collect child support. The division conducts genetic testing on-site and has several ways to locate absent parents. The division can collect on arrears by intercepting tax refunds, insurance settlements and lottery winnings. Agents have collected several, one-time payments totaling thousands of dollars this way.

For more information about the goals, contact Ben Rose, director of Cabarrus County Social Services at 704-920-1552,