Cabarrus County Awarded for Sustainable Agriculture Innovations

Cabarrus County was cited as a model county and was named Institution of the Year by the Carolina Farm Stewardship Association (CFSA). This recognition is an acknowledgement of Cabarrus County’s innovative approaches to encouraging sustainable agriculture.

“Cabarrus County is a model for how other counties can help their communities by helping their farmers to produce the food people want to eat and protecting our food sources,” CFSA Executive Director Roland McReynolds said upon presenting the award at the recent Board of Commissioners meeting.

In addition to implementing a variety of policies designed to curb water and energy usage as well as to improve air quality, the Cabarrus County Board of Commissioners also has made a marked commitment to developing a local, sustainable food system. Hit hard in recent years by the prevalence of diet-related illness, sprawling suburban development, and the loss of historically profitable manufacturing facilities, Cabarrus County is introducing new measures for community sustainability including a farm incubator program, creation of the Local Food Policy Council, support for a livestock processing facility, engagement with the state to promote the upcoming meat conference and other measures.

Cabarrus County received the award at the 25th Annual Sustainable Agriculture Conference in Winston-Salem, a regional gathering of more than 800 sustainable farmers, agriculture advocates, educators and experts. The Carolina Farm Stewardship Association was formed in 1976 to help people in the Carolinas to eat and grow local organic food, according to McReynolds.