Business owners asked to provide AED locations to EMS

Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) are now popular fixtures at businesses and restaurants. These life-saving devices can be used by bystanders to help a person having a heart attack until paramedics arrive. However, it is critical for 911 operators to know whether an AED is located at a property in order to provide the best medical assistance during emergencies.

Business owners are asked to provide Cabarrus County Emergency Medical Services (EMS) with the locations of AEDs on their properties. Cabarrus County EMS is compiling a database of the location of AEDs throughout Cabarrus County in order to facilitate the use of AEDs by bystanders.  This information will be given to Cabarrus County’s 911 call center and will enable dispatchers to give callers information about the location of the closest AED.  It is the hope of EMS and 911 that they can help to save more patients by providing the most accurate information about the availability of these life-saving devices.

In April, Cabarrus County EMS instituted new protocols to help streamline care given to cardiac arrest patients and to improve the survival rate of patients in cardiac arrest.  The focus of EMS is now on increasing the frequency of care rendered to cardiac arrest patients by bystanders prior to the arrival of first responders.  Bystander CPR and early defibrillation are critical components that can help further improve outcomes.

If you have an AED at your business or organization, please email with the number of AEDs on the property and the location of each (for example, “lobby,” or “second floor hallway.”).  By providing this information, you just may help save a life. Questions may be addressed to Alan Thompson at 704-920-2606 or