Q: Who can ride Cabarrus Links?

A: Anyone who lives in Cabarrus County can ride on Cabarrus Links. Persons using wheelchairs or other mobility devices are able to access these vans. Per state law, children 8 years old or younger and weighing 80 lbs. or less are required to use a child safety seat. Passengers must provide their own safety seats.


Q: What is the cost?

A: A one–way trip on Cabarrus Links costs $1. Payment is by cash only. CK Rider bus line will honor the Cabarrus Links passenger ticket for transfer to other destinations in Concord or Kannapolis. Cabarrus Links also honors CK Rider passenger tickets for transfer to rural drop–off points.


Q: Is the service door-to-door?

A: No. Cabarrus Links picks up and drops off passengers at designated public locations throughout the County. Check the schedule for routes and locations. Anyone who is physically unable to access Cabarrus Links and who needs transportation to medical appointments or other life–sustaining trips should call Cabarrus County Transportation Servces at 704-920-2246 for information on door–to–door transportation.


Q: How do I access Cabarrus Links?

A: Using Cabarrus Links is easy and is available to all Cabarrus County residents. Cabarrus Links vans operate Mondays through Fridays from 6:30 am until 7 pm except for designated holidays. Simply check the route schedule for the choice of destinations, then arrive at the pick–up location at least 5 minutes prior to the departure time. Remember to have the $1 cash–only fare for each one–way trip.


For more information call Cabarrus Links at 704-920-2931