Inmate Visitation

Detention Center

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Visitation Hours: (9 am – 9 pm) Tuesday – Saturday

If Co. Government is closed for inclement weather, visitation is canceled.

Visitation Center: 30 Corban Avenue

Visitation Policy
  1. Visitors 16 or older must present valid state ID used to register. If your state ID is cracked, defaced or damaged in any manner it will not be accepted.
  2. Visits will be 45 minutes long beginning on the hour.
  3. Visitors must check in 20 minutes prior to scheduled visitation time; failure to do so may result in loss of the scheduled visitation time.
  4. Visitation will be by appointment only. Visits may be scheduled up to one week in advance through the website or kiosk.
  5. Visits must be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance.
  6. All visits must be cancelled 48 hours in advance.
  7. If an inmate leaves the Detention Center for any reason (including but not limited to: doctor’s visit, court in another county, etc.), any future visits will be cancelled. You will be responsible to reschedule those visits.
  8. Each visitor is permitted one visit per inmate and the inmate is allowed four visits per visitation week.
  9. Visits will not be scheduled by telephone. Any exception must be pre-approved by the Detention Administrator.
  10. Anyone 18 or older is an adult and must have their own scheduled visit.
  11. Visitors may schedule visits with multiple inmates, but can only see each inmate once a day.
  12. Anyone causing a disturbance during visitation, including unattended children, will have their visit ended.
  13. Anyone misusing the visitation equipment will have their visits canceled.
  14. Cabarrus County reserves the right to deny any visit for inmates or visitors.
  15. Children under 18 MUST be accompanied by a parent or guardian and must be added to the visitation system as a minor visitor.
  16. Each visitor may be checked for outstanding criminal and civil processes.
  17. No smoking or impairing substance allowed at any time
  18. Visitors may be subjected to a metal detector search before entering the visitation building.
  19. Proper attire is required at all times. Shoes and shirts must be worn; suggestive clothing, see-through fabrics, halter or tube tops, short shorts and mini-skirts will not be permitted. Appropriate underclothing is required.
  20. The Cabarrus County Sheriff's Office records all video visitations that are not professional in nature.

For more information on visitation call 704-920-3131 during visitation hours.