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 Tax Data

Real Property AccountsGeneral information for Cabarrus County real property tax accounts.10/19/2014
Real Property BuildingBuilding details for each Cabarrus County tax account.10/19/2014
Real Property Building Sub AreaSub area details for building real property information.10/19/2014
Real Property LandLand details for each Cabarrus County tax account.10/19/2014
Other Building and Extra FeaturesDetails of structures and features other than primary building for each tax account.10/19/2014
Real Property ParcelDetails for Cabarrus County real property parcels.10/19/2014
Real Property PermitPermit data for Cabarrus County tax account information.10/19/2014
Real Property SaleDetails for real property sales.10/19/2014
Unpaid Parcels FileParcels with unpaid taxes.10/19/2014

 GIS Data (shapefile format)

AddressesPhysical address locations in Cabarrus County, NC.10/24/2014
Cabarrus CountyBoundary of Cabarrus County, NC.10/24/2014
Cadastral LinesProperty line layer containing current property lines, historic property lines, easement lines, and other relevant boundary lines.7/9/2014
County ZoningZoning boundaries under the jurisdiction of Cabarrus County, NC.10/24/2014
EMS DistrictsEMS district boundaries including district name.10/24/2014
Fire DistrictsFire district boundaries including district name.10/24/2014
Fire StationsFire station locations including station name and type.10/24/2014
Emergency Service BoundariesBundle of emergency service layers including fire, law, ems and rescue layers.10/24/2014
Municipal DistrictCity limit boundaries.10/24/2014
Park AreasPark boundaries with information about available facilities .10/24/2014
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TitleFile SizeTypeModified
Allen Fire District2089311pdf9/9/2011
Coldwater Fire District2986541pdf9/9/2011
Concord Rural Fire District2522732pdf9/9/2011
Flowes Store Fire District1765131pdf9/9/2011
Georgeville Fire District954568pdf9/9/2011
Harrisburg Fire District2600695pdf9/9/2011
Jackson Park Fire District3565047pdf9/9/2011
Kannapolis Rural Fire District3891758pdf9/9/2011
Midland Fire District1203132pdf9/9/2011
Mobile Home Overlay7369301pdf9/9/2011
Mt. Mitchell Fire District2434641pdf9/9/2011
Mt. Pleasant Fire District1266292pdf9/9/2011
Northeast Cabarrus Fire District666977pdf9/9/2011
Odell Fire District3045257pdf9/9/2011
Rimer Fire District709851pdf9/9/2011