County Water Rescue Team


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The Midland Water Rescue Team is contracted with Cabarrus County to be the provider of water rescue services for Cabarrus County. Midland Water Rescue Team also assists the State of North Carolina as a strike team in water rescue and as a component of NC Task Force 4. The team is operated under the Midland Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department.

Due to the need and growth of the team, the following departments have signed a mutual aid agreement and currently work as part of the Midland Water Rescue Team:  
  • Allen Volunteer Fire Department
  • Cabarrus County Emergency Management
  • Cabarrus County Emergency Medical Services (EMS)
  • Flowes Store Volunteer Fire Department
  • Georgeville Volunteer Fire Department
  • Mount Mitchell Volunteer Fire Department
  • Odell Volunteer Fire Department.
  • West Stanly Fire Department

In May of 1998 and in May of 2004 the Midland Water Rescue Team was awarded the International Higgins and Langley Memorial Award for Excellence in Swift Water Rescue. The Midland Water Rescue team has answered several water rescue deployments throughout Cabarrus County and the State of North Carolina.

If your interested in joining the county water rescue team and currently serve as an active member of a participating Cabarrus County public safety organization; please contact our office at (704) 920-2143 for more information.

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